Crazyfly Raptor Pro


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The new shape features an edge control track on the bottom for added grip and a subtle center Vee for added speed under control. Brand new Triaxial 45 degree Eglass layup ensures higher heel to toe stiffness for increases pop and more flex along the length of the board for added comfort and softer landings. Brand new double carbon stringers on the deck and bottom give the new Raptor a new dynamic feel. The Step Cap deck technology allows for thinner rails for ultimate edging and amazing upwind.


CrazyFly exclusive and latest in tech, the Nano Glide Skin on the bottom of the board helps the board track and go upwind better thanks to its micro channels. The Nano Glide skin foil has better gliding properties and generates speed quicker, plus it is more resistant to scratches. The top of the board has a brand new matt overprint for that eye catching premium look.


The Raptor works best with Hexa Bindings for unmatched comfort and board feel.


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