Learn Kiteboarding

Learn the basics of the sport in complete safety with your instructor right beside you.

We teach in warm, shallow water giving you space, safety and confidence to make the most of the session. 

At Kite Zone we use only new, top of the range Ozone kites from the current year. Ozone has always been one of the top kite manufacturers on the market pushing and revolutionizing the designs of kites and safety systems. With this equipment the students realize in the first minutes how good the technology is and with the latest safety systems at their fingertips this adds huge confidence and maximizes the time spent learning.

Introductory Course - 2.5h

฿ 5,000 3,500 / person for Group lessons
  • Basics of the sport in complet safety
  • Setup of the kite
  • Kite flying techniques
  • Flying the kite in the wind window
  • Self-resque and packdown

Full Course - 10 hour

฿ 18,000 12,500/person for Group Lessons
  • Advanced kite flying skills
  • Full knowledge of all safety procedures
  • High powered techniques
  • Body drags
  • Board riding skils

Advanced Training 1h

฿ 2,000 1,400/person for Group Lessons
  • Upwind
  • Slide turns
  • Toe side
  • Jumping
  • Foil Board Riding or tricks

Introductory Course

By the end of this session you will have learned all the necessary kite flying techniques to the point that you are soon ready to try riding the board.

Full Course

Everything you need to know before going it alone. 10 hours training is split over a few sessions, duration of each lesson is up to the student, 3-4 sessions to cover the 10 hours is normal. All our students are certified with a card whether you make just 30 minutes or a full 10hrs.

Advanced training

Are you an independent rider that needs to improve their skill? Do you want to learn how to jump, ride toe side, slide turn or simply go upwind. Have you always wanted to try a foil board? At our school we are offering just that. With our experianced instructors you will be advanced in no time.