Equipment Rentals

Kite Zone – Phuket offers 3 different rental packages you can see them below.


Kite, board, bar, lines & harness

NOW AT -20%
  • Per day ̷3̷5̷0̷0̷ - 2800 THB
  • Per half day ̷3̷0̷0̷0̷ - 2400 THB
  • Per hour ̷1̷2̷0̷0̷ - 960 THB


Kite, bar & lines

NOW AT -20%
  • Per day 2̷0̷0̷0̷ - 1600THB
  • Per half day ̷1̷8̷0̷0̷ - 1440 THB
  • Per hour ̷7̷5̷0̷ - 600THB


TT, surf, race & foil

NOW AT -20%
  • Per day ̷1̷0̷0̷0̷ - 800 THB
  • Per half day ̷8̷0̷0̷ - 640THB
  • Per hour ̷3̷5̷0̷ - 270THB


One day rental is based on sunrise to sunset, you must be able to ride upwind to rent the gear. If your riding is not up to this level book a lesson with us first.

You are fully responsible for the equipment you are renting. If any damages occur during your rental period you will be required to pay for the damage. If the equipment is damaged beyond repair you are required to replace the monetary value of the damaged items (you can take home the mangled equipment if you wish).